Sensory Testing Services

  • Sure you can test your product with anyone, but testing with consumers that enable you to answer your research objective can lead to novel insights that could have been missed otherwise.

  • We work with you to define and recruit your core demographic by screening our consumer database of over 5000 participants residing in the Columbus area to deliver results you can have confidence in

  • At the Sensory Evaluation Center, we have the know-how and resources to execute a study efficiently and with confidence

  • 10 individual booths equipped with white and red lighting to fit your testing needs. For those larger CLT’s where you need to test more than 10 people at a time, we have access to adjacent rooms where additional booths can be set-up or used for focus groups

  • Depending on what stimuli you would like to test, we have a variety of preparation equipment and access to the department’s pilot plants and controlled temperature storage spaces

Client Services  Click to view SEC Info Card

  • Custom Design – Method respecting constraints
  • Individualized Report – your product/your requirements

  • Consumer Testing – Launch or improve products

  • Discrimination Testing—Meet or beat competition

  • Quality Control—Production and scale-up

  • Product Development—Product optimization


Why The Ohio State University?

  • Access to state of the art research

  • Testing facilities

  • Participant laser specific web-centered database

  • Onsite equipment & easy connections & storage

  • Access to two pilot plants (Dairy and General) – scale up

  • Collaboration opportunities with students & faculty

  • Columbus, Ohio is the “breadbasket” of the “typical consumer”